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Accounting Services


Every business establishment, including sole proprietorship, partnership and limited company, is required by law to properly maintain and update the accounting records in a manner such that the profit or loss of the business can eaily be ascertained. However, a lot of people running a small business could not justify the costs for maintaining the books and the benefits generated therefrom. Now, those days are over. For as little as HK$500 per month, you can forget all those book-keeping staff.

We will prepare a full set of books, including general ledger,balance sheet and profit and loss accunts from the source documents provided.

Service Charges

The charges listed below are for reference only. The actual fees charged will be varied case by case.

Plan Monthly Bank Transaction Monthly Charge(HK$) Quarterly Charge(HK$) Annual Charge(HK$)


less than 60

888 2,388 3,388
A2 61-120 1,388 2,888 4,888
A3 121-180 $1,888 3,388 7,888
A4 181-240 2,388 3,888 11,888
A5 241-300 2,888 4,388 13,888
A6 301-360 3,388 4,888 14,888
A7 361-420 3,888 5,388 5/transaction
(Min. 16,888)
A8 421-480 4,388 5,888 5/transaction
(Min. 19,888)
A9 481-540 4,888 6,388 4/transaction
(Min. 22,888)
A10 541-600 5,388 6,888 4/transaction
(Min. 25,888)
A11 Over 601 6,000 4/transaction
(min. 7,388 )
(Min. 28,888)
* For reference only **

Bank Transaction includes

- Bank payable, such as, payable cheque, interest, services charges, Remittance

- Bank receivable, such as, cheque received, cash deposit, interest

- Other voucher, such as, cash, transfer

Services charge include the following services:

- Computerized book-keeping

- Vouching

- Accounts Receivable

- Accounts Payable

- Production of monthly Profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet

- Completing and filing Employer's Return

- Completing and filing Profit Tax Return (for Sole Proprietor and Partner companies only)

Processing time

- monthly book-keeping: 1-3 weeks

- quarterly or annual book-keeping: 4-6 weeks

Your are reminded that actual charges will be varied in accordance with the voulme of the business transactions and other factors. Please contact us at info@corporateone.com.hk for a quotation.





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