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Offshore Company Formation

Locations of Offshore Companies and Fees

Location Fees (US$) Time (days) Additional Chinese Name Download

Hong Kong

1,388 14 Yes, No Additional Charges shelf list
Bahamas 998 10 N/A
Bermuda 10,888 21 N/A
Belize 868 14 N/A shelf list


1,388 5 Yes, Additional charges of USD150 shelf list
Cayman 3,888 21 Yes, additional charges applied


1,688 14 N/A
Marshall    Islands 988 7 N/A shelf list


888 5 Yes, No Additional Charges


1,388 10 N/A


1,388 10 N/A shelf list


988 100 Yes, No Additional Charges


3,688 21 N/A

United    Kingdom

1,288 14 N/A

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Details of Service :

(1) Search for the availability of the proposed company name;
(2) Prepare and apply to relevant authority for Certificate of Registration;
(3) Printing of Memorandum and Articles of Association
(4) Printing of share certificates
(5) Manufacturing of company chop and common seal
(6) Filing of notice of first secretary and director, location of registered office

Note: Delivery charge is in addition to the fees quoted above.

Procedures and Processing time

Step Description
1 Please click here for incorporation form, we will search for the availability of the proposed company name;
2 Clients provide us the necessary information and documents, including the particulars of the shareholder(s), director(s), company secretary etc. Clients should also provide us the photocopied of the passport or identity cards of the above mentioned persons.
3 Clients should at the same time wire the billed amount .
4 After confirmation of payment, we will then commence the registration process.
5 Delivery of registration documents to clients for signature. At the same time, we will prepare the company chop and common seal.
6 Delivery of full set of company kit to clients after confirmation of receipt of balance.



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