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Services> Hong Kong Company

Scretarial and Business Services

Company Secretary Services

Introduction to Company Secretary
The Hong Kong laws require that:
(1) Each limited company incorporated in Hong Kong must appoint at least one company secretary; company secretary can be acted by the shareholders or directors;
(2) The company secretary msut be person usually resides in Hong Kong or a company incorporated in Hong Kong, if all the shareholders or directors are not Hong Kong residents orcompanies incorporated in Hong Kong.

Responsibilities of the company secretary

(1) serve notice to shareholders to attend meetings and prepare minutes;
(2) sign documents within the authority of a secretary on behalf of the company;
(3) record share transfers;
(4) maintenance of company records in respect to the shareholders, directors and the secretary;
(5) file notice with Companies Registry in respect of the change of shareholders, directors or secretary and their particulars.

Secretarial Service Plans

Company Secretary : general secretarial service US$300 per annum
(1) Appointing us as company secretary;
(2) Preparation for filing of Annual Return(Excluding filing fee of US$15);
(3) Filing of notice of change of registered office and business address;preparation of minutes;
(4) Filing of notice of change of directors and secretary.

Registered Office : provision registered office US$250 & Mailing address US$300 per annum
(1) Provision of registered office;
(2) Collect & forward all mails to another location within Hong Kong.

Remark : Our service fees does not cover any amount to be paid to Hong Kong Governement.

Individual Secretarial Services

Services Fee (US$) Remarks
  Preparation and filing
  Annual Return
125 Statutory filing fee of US$14 is not included;
  Appointment and
  resignation of director
  or secretary
50 Per change
  Notification of change of
50 Per change
  Change of company name 300 Does not cover government charge of US$40
  Shares transfers 100 Per transfer; does not cover stamp duty
  Increase of share capital 100 Government charge of 0.1% of the total share capital not included
  Allottment of shares 100

Per allotee

   Corporate Nominee shareholder 350 One year
   Corporate Nominee director 350 One year


Business Services

Company and Land Search

Land Registry Search Charge (HK$) Disbursement (HK$)
-Land Registry Search (DAS)
-Memorial Search
-Certified Copy

HK$500 per address/lot
HK$500 per doc/plan
HK$500 per document

Per document: $120/$15
Certified fee: $400
Company Search Charge (HK$) Disbursement (HK$)

-Company Search
-Urgent Comapny Search
-Certified Copy
-Company Index Search (full)
-Name Search
-Name Search with similar names
-Company particulars search
-Directors' index search
-Disqualification orders search

HK$500 per company
HK$500 per company
HK$500 per document
HK$500 per name
HK$500 per company
HK$500 per name
HK$500 per company
HK$500 per company
HK$500 per company

Microfilm: $20 per year
Hard copy: $5 per page
Certified fee: $130

$50 per company
$50/Co., $50/Director
$50 per order
Business Registration Search Charge (HK$) Disbursement (HK$)
-Certified Extract of Information on the Register
-Certified Copy of B.R.C.
-Duplicate B.R.C.
HK$500 per company
HK$500 per company
HK$500 per company

Per register: $45
Per copy: $45
Per copy: $36
Bankruptcy / Winding UP Charge (HK$) Disbursement (HK$)
-Bankruptcy / Winding Up Search HK$1000 per company Per company: $85

Business Centre Services
Package #1: US$50 /month
(1) Provision of a mailing address
(2) Provision of one telephone and one fax number
(3) Mails, telephone and fax message forwarding

Package #2: US$110 /month
(1) Provision of a mailing address
(2) Provision of one separate telephone and one fax number
(3) Answering phones with company name
(4) Mails, telephone and fax message forwarding

(1) A once off installation charge of US$60 is applicable for package #2.
(2) The prices quoted above do not cover delivery charges for mail forwarding.

How to pay us....

Corporate Bank Account

We can assist in the opening of corporate bank account with one of the international bank in Hong Kong for only USD400 . Please contact us for details.



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