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services>trade mark registration> China


Search: US$150

(1) Per class code
(2) Search results returned back by fax in 14 working days
(3) Covers Direct Hits and Close Matches in English and Chinese


Registration: US$375

(1) Per class code
(2) Prepared and submitted in 1-2 weeks
(3) Clerical office actions generally answered for free
(4) Monthly follow ups of your mark through out the entire unopposed registration process (via e-mail)

Domestic Representative / Power of Attorney Fees: US$285
Per mark; Due to the language and time differences, we work with an attorney in China who assists us in translating and interpreting the correspondence from the CPO and also offers very limited legal advice through out the process.

Government Filing Fees: US$130

Per class code, payable to the CPO (we do so on your behalf).


Title Services: US$195

There is an additional fee to complete the registration process once your trademark registration has been approved. At this time it is approximately $195 per class code.


Summary of Fees

$150  Search
$660  Registration
$130  Government Filing Fee
US$940 (+ $195 due at the END of the process = US$1,135)


Required Documents & Services

1. A simply signed power of attorney.
2. Fifteen prints of the trademark (not required for word marks). A trademark print should not exceed 10x10 centimeters. Four black and white prints as well as fifteen color prints are required when a trademark is in color.
3. One copy of a certificate issued by competent authorities authorizing manufacture in the home country in the case of a trademark covering pharmaceutical products for human use. A certificate of the Chamber of Commerce of the home country is sufficient.
4. A priority document when priority is claimed. The document can be filed within 3 months after the filing date of the application.
5. A Chinese translation of the applicant's name should be provided were available especially where the name of the applicant incorporates its trademark (e.g. "Kodak") for which a Chinese translation already exists.

-- Translation of foreign terms is required
-- Power of Attorney form is required for international customers
-- No legalization or notarization is required
-- No Samples Required

How Long Does It Take to Get A Registration ?

Currently it is taking approximately 20-24 months to get a trademark in China.


Does China Include Hong Kong or Taiwan ?

Not. As of early 2001, both of these Chinese territories were still handling their own trademark work, separate from mainland China.


How Long Is My Registered Trademark Valid ?

10 years.



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