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services>trade mark registration> Germany


Search: US$450

(1) overing all class codes
(2) Search reults returned back by e-mail in 7 working days
(3) Covers Direct Hits and Close Matches in English


Registration: US$500

(1) Per class code
(2) Prepared and submitted in 1-2 weeks
(3) Clerical office actions generally answered for free
(4) Quarterly follow ups of your mark through out the entire unopposed registration process (via e-mail)

There is an expedited review fee available with the German trademark office (DPMA). This additional fee (including DPMA additional filing fee) is $300 per class code.

This allows the mark to be examined for completeness and accuracy of class codes, ahead of other regularly filed marks, and could save the applicant 4-10 months, depending on the DPMA workload at time of submission.

Domestic Representative / Power of Attorney Fees: US$650
Per mark. The DPMA requires by law that the domestic representative be an attorney. Those fees have been included in this service.

Government Filing Fees: US$350

(1) For the first 1-3 class codes
(2) $110 for 4th and every class code thereafter
(3) Payable to the DPMA (we do so on your behalf).

Title Services: NIL

There is no title fee at this time.


Summary of Fees

$450     Search
$1,150  Registration & Domestic Rep
$350     DPMA Fee
$1,950 USD TOTAL

Required Documents & Services
(1) Translation of foreign terms is required
(2) Power of Attorney form is required for international customers
(3) No legalization or notarization is required
(4) No samples required

How Long Does It Take to Get A Registration ?

Currently it is taking approximately 12-15 months to get a trademark in Germany. 6-9 months if the expedited review service is chosen.


How Long is the Opposition Period ?

The opposition period lasts three (3) months and in Germany is used INSTEAD OF the initial search process normally encountered in the trademark process in other countries. There is no initial search for registerability performed by the DPMA before a mark is published. So potential trademark conflicts are only identified through the opposition process, by having an opposition filed.


How Long Is My Registered Trademark Valid ?

For 10 years, which is back dated to a successfully registered trademark from the date of submission, not from date of application.



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