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Hong Kong

Search: US$100

(1) per class code
(2) Search results returned back by fax in 3 working days
(3) Covers Direct Hits and Close Matches in English and Chinese


Registration: US$600

(1) per class code
(2) Prepared and submitted in 1-2 weeks
(3) Clerical office actions generally answered for free
(4) Monthly follow ups of your mark through out the entire unopposed registration process (via e-mail)

Domestic Representative / Power of Attorney Fees: NIL

Summary of Fees

US$100  Search
US$600  Registration
US$700 Total

Required Documents & Services

1. The name and address of the applicant and in the case of a partnership, the names of all the partners.
2. The list of the goods or services to be covered by the application. If protection is sought for a whole class, a precise list of the goods or services should be mentioned.
3. Fifteen prints of the mark for each application in each class.
4. A certified copy of the convention application along with a certified English translation thereof if convention priority is to be claimed.


Time Needed

Currently it is taking between 12-18 months for a mark to go through the process unopposed.


How Long Is My Registered Trademark Valid ?

The registration date (once your mark is approved) dates back to the actual date that you applied for registration.

The trademark registration is valid for seven years from the registration date (so it will not be 7 years from your approval, but 7 years from your submission date).



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