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Search: US$490

(1) Per class code
(2) Search results returned back by fax in 14 working days
(3) Covers Direct Hits and Close Matches in English and Malay

Registration: US$450

(1) Per class code
(2) Prepared and submitted in 1-2 weeks
(3) Clerical office actions generally answered for free
(4) Quarterly follow ups of your mark through out the entire unopposed registration process (via e-mail)

There will be an additional $100 fee for filing the application based on priority filing.

Domestic Representative / Power of Attorney Fees: US$300
$300 per mark. The MDT requires by law that the domestic representative be an attorney. Those fees have been included in this service.

Government Filing Fees: US$220

$220 per class code (for initial filing fee and publication fee).


Title Services: US$600

There is an additional fee to complete the registration process once your trademark registration has been approved. At this time it is approximately $600.

Summary of Fees

$490  Search
$750  Registration & Domestic Rep
$220  Govt Filing Fee
US$1,460 (+$600 due at END of the process= USD $2,060)

Required Documents & Services

1. A notarized statutory declaration.
2. A clear print of the mark. If the trademark is in color, 20 color prints are required.
3. Statement whether the trademark is used or proposed to be used in Malaysia. If used, state the date of first use.
4. List of goods and services and the classes pertaining thereto.
5. A certified translation of the trademark and/or words with the trademark which are non-Roman characters or in languages other than English.
6. A copy of the priority application stating the country, the date and the number of the application, if priority is claimed.

How Long Does It Take to Get A Registration ?

Currently it is taking approximately 3-4 years to get a trademark in Malaysia. The first review will take over 2 years. Class codes that are more common (such as cosmetics in 003 or clothing in 025) may take longer.

How Long Is My Registered Trademark Valid ?

For 10 years, which is back dated to a successfully registered trademark from the date of submission, not from date of application.



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